Principles of Business. Writing for Publication. Principles of Business. Writing for Publication. Principles of Business. Writing for Publication. 




And that’s how it started — after a quick game of He Loves Me … He Loves Me Not (elective edition), I hesitantly scribbled down Writing for Publication onto my course selection form. 


Little did I know that Writing for Publication would bring me into the world of journalism and open up avenues for me to discover my passions. 


The past three years have been years of personal growth as a journalist — I began as a scared staff writer unable to adapt to AP style, transitioned to the Arts and Entertainment editor and am now leading the publication as the Editor-in-chief.


I learned how to use Adobe InDesign and instantly fell in love with creating graphics. I realized what it truly means to listen to others’ voices by conducting interviews. I understood the responsibilities that accompany being a leader — leading by example, staying strong under pressure, working with others, being the first to reach out and lend a hand. 


But like with everything, my journey on El Estoque hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. I’ve cried my fair share of times, rapidly ranted to my co-editors even more times and have had to work under tight deadlines all the time. These personal struggles have only helped me grow as a journalist and realize that El Estoque is a family. I’m so blessed to be in a community of passionate journalists who share the same goal as me — that is, to share the truth in light of the tumultuous events that continue to take place not only around the world, but also within my own community.  


As I reflect on my past three years, my motivation to continue producing amazing content has only increased because I have witnessed for myself that it really is possible. It’s possible for the shy girl who always hid behind her mother’s back to become a voice for the student body. It’s possible to uncover the truth, even if it may be controversial, as a student journalist protected by California Education Code 48907. It’s even possible to stop using the Oxford comma.


Last November, I was awarded first place for Multimedia Journalist of the Year and second place for Marketer of the Year by the National Scholastic Press Association. Receiving these honors helped me to put things in perspective — I’ve truly come a long way.  


I can’t imagine my high school experience without journalism. Rather than being on the court taking photos of the basketball game, I would be in the stands cheering on the team alongside other students. Rather than spending Tuesday lunches in A111 with the managing editors and my adviser, I might have been off campus eating lunch with my friends. 


It’s hard to accept the fact that my time on El Estoque is coming to an end because El Estoque has become my comfort zone, my safe haven, my home. 


But I wouldn’t say this is the end. In fact, this is only the beginning. I am on track to graduate from El Estoque and start all over again, this time as a student at Stanford University. 


So I say again with confidence, “Tell me your story.” 

Thank you so much for taking the time to review my journey with journalism. It means a lot to me, and I hope to share my passion for journalism through this portfolio.