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The F Word: Failure

Failure permeates our everyday lives. It’s not pretty; it stings, knowing that we weren’t able to live up to our standards. Yet in its inevitability lies the harsh truth — we can neither live nor succeed without failure. Despite the reluctance of students to discuss this prevalent phenomenon, El Estoque has brought it to light in this package, exploring its impact on our thoughts and actions and questioning what makes us fear it just so much.

The World at Stake

Sports Dynasties: The Rise and Fall

COVID-19 News Coverage

At MVHS, COVID-19 has increasingly disrupted student life, from the initial cancellation of school and its extension to changes in grading policy. AP testing has also been altered, adhering to the new standard of learning: online. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, every aspect of society has been affected in some way, including the stock and job market.

While workers and college students are negatively impacted, the situation has sparked some creativity on online platforms. Here in the Bay Area, community members, social services and medical students have come together to provide resources for healthcare workers and residents in need of food or rental assistance. Meanwhile, a majority of others help by following shelter-in-place orders and staying home.



“I’ve never walked out of Sephora without buying anything,” sophomore Jacqueline Xu said. “I feel like I have an obligation.”

This Account is Private

"I'm a mean person," Anonymous Source said. "[Privates are popular because] people can throw shade like that. People don't have any regrets."

Give Us a Break

"You're coming back from this long chunk of time where you haven't attended school," junior Devasha Trivedi said. "It's difficult getting into that routine."

A Bad Rep

"You can either buy a real Supreme hoodie, or a fake Supreme and a lot of food for the same price," Yin said. "Clearly the latter is the better option."

In the Dark

At every rally, we get asked the same question. And at every rally, we answer the same way: We feel good, oh we feel so good, oh! But does anyone really care about what we have to say? Apparently not. It is difficult to believe that FUHSD pays attention to our opinions, with the lack of student input on the final decision for the new bell schedules.

In Due Time

“When we go to college, we should have more basic life skills. A lot of those life skills come from responsibilities like driving and working,” Mahajan said. “Right now, at Monta Vista, we lean too heavily on the [academic] side. There needs to be a balance.”

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

“I think it’s fine because [the seniors] are done,” Math teacher Joe Kim said. “Especially for a school like MVHS where there’s so much pressure. It’s always work, work, work. They should just enjoy the day off and have some fun.”

Sweet Summer

With summer vacation just around the corner, stay cool in the hot weather by making these exciting watermelon DIYs. Learn how to make simple projects using this popular summer fruit.

Summer Lovin'

“Oh, they're fun,” Chen said. “Because, like, no commitment. It was nice because I was like, oh, I don't have to worry about another b****, you know?”

Inner Battles 

“You’ll learn that there is another level of happiness when you are able to help and you feel really content inside,” Chinese teacher I-Chu Chang said. “This is what made me want to be a teacher. That happened 17 years ago, the Xiao Guo story. Now, 17 years later, I still believe the same thing. To help other people, to help each other.”

Not the Right Fit

“Middle College has spoiled me in the sense that it’s allowed me to see this privilege that few high schoolers have of attending a college campus and being given the independence to make their own decisions,” junior Sumer Hajela said. “That’s the kind of responsibility we’re given to act like adults, even though we’re high school students.”

If the Shoe Drips 

I like to coordinate colors, so I would match my shoes, to my socks, to my belt,” Assistant Principal Michael Martinez said. “Depending on the weather, if it's really yucky outside, I’ll put on a pair of Adidas Ultraboosts. I won't wear any of my boxed shoes. I’ll just put on my yucky shoes, but it's always color coordinating.”

Hiring Coaches for Dummies 

Understanding the process behind how sports coaches are hired. 

What's in your bag? 

Sophomore Ariyal Jain grew up watching her mother, a Bollywood teacher, hold belly dancing classes. Jain has been dancing since she was 3 years old and competitively dancing since she was five. She has experience with many genres, but her favorites are hip hop, contemporary and jazz funk. As a member of the MV Dance Team, she travels with the team to competitions about four times a year. Jain shares some of the essentials she carries with her. 

Facing failure

Parting ways does not always mean a messy farewell — for me, it symbolized a graduation. So after seven years, I decided to say goodbye to the world I was immersed in and turned my page to the next chapter.