So, tell me your story.


I walk into every interview with the same goal in mind — to listen to the diverse perspectives we often overlook in our everyday hustle. 


Did you know that the girl who sits next to you in Physics is one of the few cellists selected to join the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America? 


Did you know that the class clown — yes, the one who can never seem to stop smiling — is actually battling depression? 


Did you know that some teachers lead completely different lives outside of school?


But really, did you know? 


It’s far too easy to ignore the unique backgrounds, talents, experiences and wisdom that each individual carries. And so I have made it my goal to tell these untold stories. 




Journalism to me isn’t about transcribing interviews. It isn’t about researching events. It isn’t about telling the news. It’s about building connections and giving people the confidence that it is OK to share, to open up. 




I owe so much of who I am today to journalism, to El Estoque, to my beloved A111. 


As the Editor-in-chief, I have taken on many responsibilities: waking up early, even on late start days, to proofread stories, producing a monthly print magazine, squeezing in interviews during brunch, leading two classes of 60 students, attending editor meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch, staying after school for late nights, managing advertisement contracts, putting together multimedia packages, designing spreads — and most importantly, being a role model for my staff members. 


Sometimes I’m buried under stories and deadlines. Other times, interviewee conflicts become legally and ethically complicated. 


But being able to uncover hidden stories always exhilarates me because behind the glory of seeing others read the newest edition of the magazine is the collective team effort I have the privilege of witnessing. 


While my time with El Estoque is slowly coming to an end, I continue to carry the leadership, the resilience, the determination and the courage that I learned during the past three years. El Estoque gave me the opportunity to find a family of the most passionate and hardworking individuals. And now, I embark on a new journey — this time, as a reporter for Stanford University’s The Daily. 


*Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio and learn about my journey as a journalist.